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My oppinion about Sensory Couple a.k.a The Girl Who Can See Smell 7-8 episode

First time to posting my English article. Just wanna test my grammar and my quantity of vocabulary. This time i'll write about my impression of Sensory Couple (let's call the drama with this tittle i like the simple one, actually i avoiding having finger cramp if always typing those 20 alphabet for drama reference).

Let me introducing about this drama (Just in case that i got short memory lost so i can't remember the production team):
Cast: Park Yoo Chun, Shin Se Kyung, Nam Goong Min
Director: Baek Soo Chan and Oh Choong Hwan *
Scriptwriter: Lee Hee Myung *
Network Broadcast: SBS
I'll confess that i'm a weirdo because not excited about this drama. I more excited waiting FFI and Let's Eat 2 (in case you not watching this drama, they are cable drama that have less popularity in South Korea) new episode than this drama's. I don't know, maybe i got idol drama syndrome that caused by side effect of The Heirs.

Beside that, maybe lack of cliffhanger become one of the reason too. Cliffy (the most thing i hate from drama), can make us (spectator) thinking and guessing what will happen in next week. In this drama, a good cliffy always placed in Wed episode but in Thru epsiode they just placing a flat hanger. In example they make Moo Gak lying bloody in the end of 7th episode but they just give us Chorim's crying in 8th. We know already why Chorim is cry, so what? Just it? It's Okay if they going to ended with that part at least give us preview so we (the one that non Yoo Chun or Namgoong Min's fans) have something to expect, worry and guess.
Another weird part is unnatural problem solving (in example gambler case and Dr Chun's car case). Yes, it was coincidence but it like a piece of puzzle that have the perfect shape but the size is rather smaller/bigger. It's not matched at all.
I feel that Moo-Rom's kiss scene in 8th episode is just a fan service that not related to drama development at all. They must showed Moo Gak's POV about his feeling for Cho Rim first before he kissing her. Or they can show that Moo Gak's sense come back so he can feel again. With that plot i feel convince that Moo Gak already fallen for Cho Rim. At leat give the hint that he is fluttering or fascinating whe he see Cho Rim.
If i were Cho Rim, i'll kicked his unfully healed wound after the kiss. How can he do that to girl without feeling.
Before i decided to post in this blog i try to positive thinking about Moo Gak's action. Maybe they'll showing what i want in next scene. But i'm not get my answer untill this episode end. I just got my eyed rolled and hair ripped with Moo Gak's next action. He rudely not giving any relationship confirmation to Cho Rim.
In light part, I like how they revealed the barcode murderer in early episode. They explained how he do the murder and still keep the his motive inside the pandora box. This is make me will watching the series till the end.
Someone in Soompi said that villain in SBS is the one that not have gray motive (i.e villain in You Who Come From the Stars). So i guess if the writer following this rule, one reason why he become a murderer is because he is phsyco.
 Source : Wiki

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