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There is 'Me' in Joon Hee Character

CR: FFI Official Web
Joon Hee (Played by Yoon Hyun Min) is one of 3 lead character in Falling For Innocence drama. He is Soon Jung's (Played by Kim Su Yeon) and Ma Dong Wook's (Played by Jin Goo) childhood friend. He actually have a crush toward SJ. But, because of his rank is under SJ's so he always hestitating to approaching SJ. He have an obsession to upgrading his status. So, He changed after DW's death (still mystery whether he is DW's murder or not). He scheming and play dirty trick to dragging Min Ho down from Hermia's throne.
No, i'm not saying i have an ambition to bringing someone down from her position. The 'Me' that i mean is how JH change become 'beast' and asking SJ to kiss him so he can change become the 'prince'. But After SJ not accepting his offer, he become more cruel.
I've changed now. There is no more a naive, always positive thinking and hard working girl anymore in me.
My heart full of hatred, so my mind always in negative side. My heart send a coward signal to my head so i always make 'run' decision over a little problem. 
After i know the change in me. I try to asking help to Soon Jung (my friends Qnyil, Perto, Lind), but i'm not grabbing their hand. They've show me the right path but i reluctantly walk in that path. I still doing the same mistake and not learning from my past. I don't know why, maybe my head is dumb enough to differentiating what is right or wrong. Maybe my heart is numb enough to feel any positive feeling that they give to me.

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